Non-existent customer support

I was considering switching my cta/utp market data source to alpaca, and potentially using alpaca for order routing too. My employment information in my alpaca account is out of date which is preventing me from accepting the cta/utp agreements. I emailed three business days ago asking them to update this information. I am still waiting for them to do so. I have also tried calling their listed phone number multiple times and nobody answered.

What is the best way to get help on this platform? I see so many support requests on this forum for urgent issues. Do these just get ignored? How can anyone feel safe trading large amounts of money on this platform given the number of apparent issues plus the lack of support. How is it that there is no support number to get live help for urgent issues? Is this even a real company? Does anyone work here? Why do I need to contact a human to change my employment information?

So many questions…

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I have an unrelated issue that I emailed them about, but reading this here this is really concerning. It does not build trust to answer your question imo.

Did you get anywhere by chance?