Lack of AAPL liquidity?

I noticed someone else has had this error before but I couldn’t find any solutions: APIError: {“available”:“0”,“code”:40310000,“existing_qty”:“1”,“held_for_orders”:“1”,“message”:“insufficient qty available for order (requested: 1, available: 0)”,“symbol”:“AAPL”}

anyone else come across anything similar?

@bsneed The error you are seeing doesn’t have to do with AAPL liquidity. Rather, it is saying you do not have enough shares in your account to sell. Specifically, the error says

existing_qty: 1 (the account holds 1 share long)
held_for_orders: 1 (there is an open order to sell 1 share)
message: insufficient qty available for order (requested: 1, available: 0) (you are requesting to sell 1 share but there are 0 shares available to sell. The open order effectively ‘reserves’ the existing 1 share)

The fix is to either cancel or replace the existing order. Or, simply leave the existing order in place.

Thank you Dan. I’ll try this.