Available quantity is 0 but i own the shares

hello , i am working on a trading strategy which involves trading in pre and post market.
this is my order :


this executes correctly , however when i fo api.get_position(symbol) i get this response :

Position({   'asset_class': 'us_equity',
    'asset_id': '63f86a17-0667-45e4-bf6a-cc5646e8f48a',
    'asset_marginable': False,
    'avg_entry_price': '14.5952259164535379',
    'change_today': '-0.0555555555555556',
    'cost_basis': '34240.4',
    'current_price': '14.11',
    'exchange': 'NYSE',
    'lastday_price': '14.94',
    'market_value': '33102.06',
    'qty': '2346',
    'qty_available': '0',
    'side': 'long',
    'symbol': 'STEM',
    'unrealized_intraday_pl': '-1138.3399999999999134',
    'unrealized_intraday_plpc': '-0.0332455228326772',
    'unrealized_pl': '-1138.34',
    'unrealized_plpc': '-0.0332455228326772'})

why is the “qty_avalable” is 0? , i cant close a position because of this as i get this error:

APIError: insufficient qty available for order (requested: 2346, available: 0)

the weird part is that i do actually own the shares and they make/lose me money.

what could be the problem ? is it a bug or just how this type of order works?

during extended hours your shares might be stuck depending on where alpaca routes the order. This is unacceptable and forced me to have to stop trading one of my strategies. No other brokerage I am aware of does anything like this but Alpaca support claimed that it is not a bug and that they will not “fix” this

the workaround is to subit market limit order in opposite derection with extended hours to true