Insufficient qty available for order (requested: 184, ava


Alpaca APP Web interface


Sometimes when I am trying to liquide an asset I am getting the error message insufficient qty available for order (requested: 184, available: 0) even though no outstanding orders are set for this symbol and the market is open.

I did set a few sell orders for the symbol when the market was closed, could be that the system is somehow “stuck” thinking I have a non filled order but not showing it to me when I query for the orders? (either in the APP or API)

Is there a way to cancel ALL non filled orders?
Is there anything I am missing?

Paper or Live Trading?

Thank you!

Ok, I found one problem. Apparently there were still open sell orders for these Symbols from past days, but they were not automatically cancelled by Alpaca at the end of the trading day.
This is how I put the orders:
“symbol”: “’.$symbol.’”,
“qty”: ‘.$qty.’,
“side”: “sell”,
“type”: “limit”,
“time_in_force”: “day”,
“limit_price”: ‘.$sellPrice.’,

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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