Cannot cancel order or liquidate

Hello, I have an open short position for MNSO and I might have a trailing stop order on it (I am saying I might, because I forgot and nothing is showing up on the order activity). When I tried api.cancel_all_order, it is not clearing any pending order on this and when I do api.close_all_position, it is not getting liquidated. When I tried manually liquidating from the alpaca paper trading account, it is saying:
Failed to liquidate position in MNSO

insufficient qty available for order (requested: 100, available: 0)

please help on how to liquidate this.

The message insufficient qty available for order (requested: 100, available: 0) implies that you either 1) have already liquidated the position (ie the quantity is 0) or 2) that you already have an existing buy order for 100 (you cannot have more open orders than share available). I guess the problem is the latter.

Check if you have any open orders for that stock via the web portal. If so, you can cancel them from there, Once canceled you will be able to liquidate the position.

Try that.

Thanks @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca. I thought so too, I see a ‘pending cancel’ buy order, but why would it not cancel? It is stuck at that state and accumulating loss

If an order is ‘stuck’ in pending cancel for more than a few minutes, please email support at Include a description of the problem (ie order is stuck in ‘pending cancel’), the email used for the account, whether it is for paper or live trading, and if you have it, the order number. They will be able to resolve the issue.

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