Unable to close positions


During paper trading today I have been unable to close positions on my paper trading account for over 9 positions

The error I get when trying to trigger a sell in python is as follows:

However, when I look at the Alpaca paper trading dashboard I can see that I still have 100 shares of that particular stock:

I am using the following code:

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 12.58.59 PM

Is there specific python code I need to use to reverse a position?

Thank you

I’ve also been struggling with this issue. It’s stopping me from trusting the site enough to actually use it with real trades via the API.

The usual cause of the insufficient qty available error is there are existing open orders. When selling (from a long position) the Alpaca systems look at the currently held quantity, minus any outstanding sell orders, to determine the available to sell quantity. If there isn’t enough available quantity to sell then one will get this error.

In general, before closing a position, cancel any outstanding orders (both buy and sell).

Could that be/have been the issue?

Hell Dan, Thank you for responding!

There are sell orders open but those are the result of sending in a bracket order. Would I have to cancel all corresponding bracket orders relating to that particular stock before I can issue a sell order?

In my case, I get the error when attempting to cancel a stop loss sell and the launch a market sell. I’m not sure what to wait for other than a successful cancel on the first order which I’m already doing. It seems as though the shares from cancelled orders don’t become “available” for another order for quite a while sometimes.

@Aky All outstanding sell orders are considered when checking if there are shares available. This includes bracket orders. The logic however is smart enough that the two legs of a bracket order aren’t counted twice. You would need to cancel those orders before closing a position.

@Joel_Neuendorf After requesting an order to be cancelled, one should wait for a confirmation. This can take tens of seconds during live trading. There isn’t a good way to ‘cancel’ a stop order other than cancelling it. However, one approach I use for limit orders is to simply replace the limit price so the order becomes marketable. This effectively cancels the limit order and then submits a market order in one step. No need to wait for a ‘cancelled’ update.

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@Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca Could you share how one would replace the limit price using the api?

The mobile app and api has an amazing feature to close all open orders as well as liquidate all positions IE api to cancel all orders using api.cancel_all_orders(). However, if you use this liquidate all positions and there are already limit sale orders in place you get an error saying that you don’t have available shares to liquidate.

Is there a good way to cancel only the open sale orders before liquidating? Reason being I have lots of buy orders I don’t want to cancel when trying to liquidate, I want to just cancel the current sell orders and then liquidate all the shares I have. Same argument for the buy orders, perhaps I want to keep my current limit orders to sell the shares I have but I want to cancel all my open buy orders so I dont buy any more.

Not sure if this is just a feature request to add a cancel all buy and cancel all sell orders fuction or if there is already a way to address this issue?

bump… anyone? there has to be others with this concern.