Unable to close positions through paper trading UI or API


Yesterday I noticed I had a problem with Alpaca’s paper trading account.

I was unable to close any positions via the API or the UI.

I had short position against TSLA and whether I try to close via the API, or on the UI via the “Liquidate all posittions” button, or simply buy back the number of shares I originally sold short. None of it works, the orders don’t fill.

I will have to change broker if I can’t fix it on my paper trading account.

Was I doing something wrong, or was this a glitch? I fixed it eventually by resetting my paper trading account, but obviously this is not something that is possible if I was live trading. Any help on this matter please is welcomed!


Is this issue still happening today? If that’s the case, could you email support@alpaca.markets with your account number so we can investigate?

I ended up just restarting the paper account because of this glitch and the problem went away.