Cannot get or close LTCUSD position


Python 3.10.0

Alpaca SDK Version
alpaca-trade-api 1.4.1

Other Environment Details
Windows 10 Pro
PyCharm 2021.3.2 (Community Edition)


I cannot retrieve my LTCUSD position. I used my program to open a LTCUSD position successfully, but I cannot close or access the position. The same code works for other positions, e.g. AAPL, so this isn’t a problem with my account or the code I’ve written.

Paper or Live Trading?

Example Code
api.close_position('LTCUSD, 47)

Error messages
“requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:

“ position not found: LTCUSD”

Proof of existing LTCUSD position:

Update: I also created a BCHUSD position and also cannot get/close it. Stocks seem to be fine. Is there a problem with the API at the moment?
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Update 2: both my LTCUSD and BCHUSD positions show up when I use api.list_positions() so I don’t know why api.get_position('LTCUSD') and api.close_position('LTCUSD') are not working.

Update 3: I also cannot close the LCT/BCH positions via the web UI. Perhaps there is a larger problem with your crypto interface?

@maxks90 The same thing is happening to me. At the moment, I cannot liquidate LTCUSD from the UI or from the API. Earlier in the week, I was not able to liquidate ETHUSD. Something seems to be wrong with the cryptotrading. Might be tied to the various paper trading issues that people have been experiencing yesterday/today.

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I’m still getting this error. I can open and close new crypto orders, including LTC and BCH, but I still cannot close my existing LTC and BCH positions. It’s as though the positions do not exist, which is really concerning.

Looks like Alpaca is fixing it:

Can confirm: situation is now fixed :blush: