Issues funding live account

I made a couple ACH transactions 2 weeks ago and funds are still not in my alpaca account…alpaca support has been silent for 1 week.

I’m not using “plaid”, but I have successfully made a (test) transfer from the same bank account. Also I provided provided the transactions tracing numbers.

Has any body else had such long delays?

Yep I’ve been in a similar situation. Send a message to support, wait a week or two. Finally get a response - and then reply back within a couple of hours, wait another week or two. Over and over. Not ideal…

It’s been 9 days since I provided the tracing numbers to alpaca support and still no funds in my account.

This shouldn’t be normal!

funding speed is a little inconsistent…
once you do fund though feel free to hook it up to the Endex App for some custom indexing!