Head count for people

Id like to know how many developers here know about Machine Learning so i can post relevant content and ask questions !

still waiting !!!

I am very interested in ML, but I’m nowhere near knowledgeable!! Big noob here! :slight_smile: :grin:

I’ve been working on my own trading platform since started using alpaca, I’ve also been getting ready to release a public version fairly soon. had alpaca look over my source code since everything is open source to my surprise they actually complimented me on it. But before I release I want to implement machine learning and a localized mobile app I’m about halfway there but it is making profitable trades. I have some questions for certain people who understand regression and least squares though…

WOW! That sounds great! You’re way beyond me. I would love to look at you’re code and try to understand what it is doing though.

Hopefully sometime soon I’ll have it released I just don’t want people to use it improperly and I have been working on a way to prevent that. There’s going to be a lot of iterations of the software as I see the stock market is constantly changing or should I say the way stocks are trading is constantly changing but that is kind of expected. There’s a lot of things that you have to account for when programming machine learning like obviously the momentum of a stock moving downwards versus upwards. But one thing that’s really a indecisive deciding factor for me with programming is whether or not to base its machine learning from historical price movements or from market information on the stock, like if the stock market as a whole is moving downwards or upwards. I ended up making this all because I didn’t really see anything specifically meant for day traders who have a limited amount of Trades I’m sure there’s probably something with backtrader that’s native for everyone who programs in Python but for the love of PHP I had to make it on my own.

To anyone following this thread, there’s a lot of information in php already out there and if you want to start by looking at what’s the best for others i suggest looking at the following links

i’ve also been making a auto day trading system
(Here’s a link to my alpha was only meant for facebook friends

(This link is outdated and will be replaced with a BETA that will have the following added)
Mobile app (with online setup)
By the end of 2020