Failed to submit order insufficient qty available for order

I’ve got some papers in my paper portfolio I cannot sell

Failed to submit order
insufficient qty available for order (requested: 217, available: 1)

and there is no Activity for this stock.
I believe it’s an issue

I’ve found similar topics but non of them have a solution

It appears you are trying to buy 217 shares of a stock? The error message indicates there is “available: 1”. This implies you have either 1) an existing short position of 1 share of that stock or 2) an existing order to sell (ie go short). Look at your current positions and open orders to see if that’s the case.

The basic issue is an account cannot be both long and short a stock at the same time. Additionally, Alpaca doesn’t allow going from long to short (or vice versa) in a single transaction. Orders are rejected if they would break these restrictions.

See if that may be the case.

Thank you!
I got your point, but, the problem is something different.
I can see 216 shares in my portfolio, but I cannot do anything with it.
I decided to buy one more and now it is 217, then I decided to sell all of them, but it allows to sell only one I just bought.
I know it could happen if there is some order on hold, but the weird thing is I can see no Activity for papers in my portfolio.

Just to confirm (because Activities only shows orders that have been filled and I think thats what you were just referring to), when you click the “orders” tab on the left side of the dashboard page, the first chart is completely blank? The first chart should show open orders. As you seem to understand, you can’t have multiple orders open for the same share if it’s not a OCO situation so if that chart shows any open sell orders, then that’s the problem.