Why "Insufficient Qty"?

Just trying to buy 75 shares of HD in paper account, through the Alpaca website and I get Insufficient QTY. Why would there not be sufficient Qty when bid/ask is showing 2000 available? It seems like there connections break a lot.

Hey @Brian67 – I just tried this myself with the Paper API and was unable to replicate the error you’re seeing.

Can you perhaps share what conditions you’re trying to buy with? Specifically, order type + time in force?

Well, it’s a market order of closing an HD x75 or AAPL x160 positions. This was not through API(although that wasn’t working also), this was through their actual web interface.

This seems to always happen in the first half hour, as if their throughput can’t handle the load. But this is the first time I caught it all stuck using their own website. So now I know it’s not on my end.

It seems to be working now, but it is :32 after the open. But this needs to be fixed. Or maybe it’s only the paper accounts. I just wish someone would acknowledge that the paper platform is not as robust as the live and that orders can get stuck as Insufficent Qty.

Actually it’s still not working. It’s a simple market order sell(closing) of 75, just sitting as Accepted.

Ok so more data…order was submitted at :04, filled at :04, but reported back to API as filled at :14. SO orders are getting filled, but not reported back in time…in this case 10 minutes. So they are having a messaging issue coming back from the market and back out to the API. And it’s not on my end. HOW CAN PEOPLE ACTUALLY TRADE UNDER THESE CONDITIONS??? LIVE accounts seem to be working fine.

Just throwing my “me too” in here. Watching my program run and noticing orders are filling and trade updates not coming in for at least 3 minutes or so. Also seeing several market orders not being filled.

Hi all - just an update that we are investigating the issues with Paper Trading as it relates to speed.

Just a quick note though, that Live Trading is not affected by these slow downs and this issue is isolated to the Paper Trading API.

Thank you for the communication.

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seems to be working ok now