Crypto buying saying "insufficient day trading buying power" with 100k settled cash on paper account

Recently I have been able to successfully execute many paper account trades for BTCUSD, however I have just started receiving an error not allowing me to purchase.

“Order Not Created
insufficient day trading buying power”

This is a paper account with 100k in settled cash, this error is new, any suggestions?

Also I have noticed fill prices vs current BTCUSD prices appear to widely vary on market orders. Is there a heavy commission being implemented on these trades?

Lastly the balance graph on the web GUI appears to have a mind of its own and is constantly shifting while no positions are currently held.


It appears when pushing through a Market buy It works as it should, with the exception of the variance in price it is buying vs what the crypto is currently trading at.

However when a Market Sell happens, things get messy. It looks like it is adding the entire sell balance back to the account twice, IE rather than only crediting the account for the trade it is adding that sales worth of cash as well as all of the cash from before the market buy happened.

for example I just did a market buy, market sell, market buy, market sell on BTCUSD with a fresh reset account with a starting balance of 100k.

after these 2 full circle trades my balance displays as

$196,298.75 Equity


$392,597.50 Buying Power

Last Close

as of day 10/29


as of 11/02 5:51 am


Cash for Trading




Long Market Value




Short Market Value




Total Position Value







don’t get me wrong I am happy to see I now have an extra ~100 grand in my balance, however this is making profit tracking difficult and making the graph very unreliable.


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