Charged for the promised free pro plan

I received an email from Alpaca back in Feb/Mar stating that they offer me free pro plan for market data. Then in March I confirmed with them that the offer still held. However, after signing up in late March, a few days ago I found that without any notice they charged my credit card for the amount of the pro plan. Has anyone run into the same issue? (Heads up: you may want to check your credit card transactions.)

I contacted their support, but the person said s/he will “research the issue” and never followed up later.

hey i figured id let you know alpaca @Jason_Bohne_Alpaca deleted a comment i sent to you, thats besides the point…

@Steve_Tao I can help. There was a 1 month free and a 1 year free offer depending upon the coupon used. There may have been a mixup with the codes? What was the support ticket number? I can check where the process stands on your refund and get back to you.

Thanks for your help, Dan. My ticket number is 25062. I did receive a reply through the ticket a moment ago. To clarify, my coupon should have been 1 year free, as you can track the information in my ticket. Please let me know if you need more of my inputs. I look forward to hearing from you.

@Steve_Tao I found the ticket. The charge is being reversed and yes, indeed you should have gotten the one year free data. Sorry about the mix up.

Great thanks, Dan. Sounds like it is on the right track now.