Free Pro Data Plan?

Received the following email, but unable to find out how to take advantage of the offer!

I’ve tried subscribing on SIP and get err 409 “insufficient subscription”.
I’ve tried signing up for the pro plan to see if it recognized my account qualifies for a free pro plan, but it doesn’t seem to.
Any ideas?

Go ahead and sign up for the Pro plan. If you received an email stating it is free then your account qualifies for the 1 year free status. There is a small bug (which I thought had been fixed) where the UI doesn’t display properly and still states that your credit card will be charged in a month. Disregard that. In the backend it will go through as free for a year. However, do watch your credit card statement. If for some reason it does get charged, send an email to and they will reverse the charges.

Sorry about the confusion.

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I appreciate the quick response Dan, thank you!

Hello Dan,

How can I get the same offer? I am working on an algorithm that needs the full DOM and T&S tick live data for analysis.

Thanks in advance.