Can't trade AKAN in live account

Error 42211000 … 69M float and tons of volume today. Any guesses?


@bluewhackadoo There is very high volatility in AKAN today (2024-05-24). The stock is up more than 100% from yesterday when there was a reverse split. Often a very high volatility stock will have trading disabled by Alpaca’s execution partners.

Hi Dan! Interesting, this is exactly the kind of setups I trade, and only the first or maybe second time it’s ever happened. Would be nice to know specific criteria so I could filter them out and avoid.


@bluewhackadoo There isn’t uniform criteria used to limit trading of a specific stock. Certainly high volatility is one aspect. Most brokers have some sort of restrictions but they vary. An example is the restriction Robinhood (and subsequently Alpaca) placed on GME a while back. There is an article here which is a bit interesting.

So, unfortunately there aren’t specific rules I can provide to filter these stocks. One would need to look at the ‘tradable’ attribute in the assets table.

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