Restricted to liquidation only, even with a over $25k cash amount in my living account

It’s been two weeks, and still can’t make a trade.

I have submitted a ticket for this 3 days ago. By now, not any definite answer has been given.

I just want to known why and how to resolve this!

Is there anyone else encountered this situation before?

@ldcrsxx Definitely work through Alpaca support. They are the ones that can help with specific account issues. That said, I can check on the status of your support ticket and maybe prioritize it. What is the support ticket number. I can look.


  1. 153276
  2. RL30120
    First one was created 3 days ago. And the second one has been created automatically as this topic created

@ldcrsxx I found the tickets and it looks like support has been in contact with you. There is some sort of issue with the account which is being looked into. I can’t add any more than that. Please be patient and work directly with support. Apologies.

As to the support, it’s really bad experience. It’s been 4 days, I asked three times. Always replied as “looking into”, and no further information related to the issue. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, and I don’t know when. Not only this, sometimes they just don’t reply, until I send a new ticket to ask again.
Ok. Thanks though!
But I’ll keep contacting them directly to get an answer and also creating topics here everyday to give others a reminder!

@ldcrsxx Again, apologies for the issues you are having with support.

You stated “My account on this forum [has] just been blocked from posting.” That isn’t true. There shouldn’t be anything preventing you from posting.

What are you experiencing that makes you feel you are “blocked”. I can maybe do some troubleshooting.

Sorry, my fault!
I checked again, it’s ok!
Maybe a network issue.
I just so worried about my account that made everything overly sensitive and suspicious! Sorry again!

@ldcrsxx Glad to hear!