Can't access live trading account - account limited to paper trading

My account suddenly removed access for me to go into my live trading tab of my account.

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Anyone available to help me out? I assume it’s because my account was not funded, but now I am ‘locked’ out of having the option of even doing that.

Having the same issue here.

Still an ongoing issue. Is this the right place to bring up these issues?

I am having the same issue as well. Was there ever any resolution to your issue?

Having the same issue, has this been resolved?

if you have proper documentation try to resign up i think if you haven’t seen most of the old accounts connected to apex
the Apex clearing arrangement was terminated on April 1, 2020.

My account was opened in December 2020

Having the same problem! Terrifying glitch! Imagine if it were actually funded and this happened! How does one delete an account?

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Hi, I also just started having this problem. When I sign in, I see my paper trading account, then when I try to switch to my live account it never leaves the paper trading account. I would like to start live trading and I can’t, so this bug is really impacting my use of the platform.

When I try to create an account it says crypto account not allowed in US… However, I just want to trade stocks? Is it not allowed anymore?

I have the same problem and I contacted support. Nothing new for 6 days other than we gonna look into it.