Cannot place any trades as buying power is $0 but no open positions or pending orders


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Python v3.8.

Alpaca SDK Version
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Python alpaca-trade-api 1.4.1

Other Environment Details

Windows 10 x64.



When I place a trade, it says the buying power is $0, despite the fact that I have no positions and no pending orders. My account appears to be mis-configured in some way - perhaps something is stuck?

In addition, for some reason I have the “Pattern Day Trader” flag set. I do not need (or want) this, so this could be switched off if it would help to reset the account to a working state.

Paper or Live Tradng?
LIVE trading.

Example Code

Same issue when attempting to open orders manually on the website.

I think that is your problem right there.
Alpaca only has a margin account, no cash account. This means that the Pattern Day Trader rule gets applied to your account if you do not meet the minimum $25,000 amount on your account. That amount is independent of any margin amount.
With the pattern day trade rule you are only able to make 3 trades in a given week, if you go for a 4th trade then you will be flagged as a Patter Day Trade account.

You can have multiple buy trades for 1 stock, but once you sell, that is considered “1” trade.

To get around this, you can complete a trade on Monday, then on Monday still, find a stock to do a swing trade so you can sell on Tuesday (This does not ding you as long as you buy 1 day, and sell on another day).

It is all working now. Turns out that it was a configuration issue on Alpaca’s side due to a transient issue over the weekend, they fixed it within 24 hours.