Trade denied due to pattern day trading protection

i get this error message. i have not done day trading in a long time.this is a false flag. Please help

@bhupendra_subedi Is there some more detail you can provide? What are/were your various buying powers (ie buying_power, daytrading_buying_power, and regt_buying_power). What trade were you trying to execute?

Alpaca puts in place a ‘trading check’ to reject any trades which could cause you to go over your day trading buying power. Alpaca assumes, by default, that all your trades will be day trades so it blocks the trade on entry if it exceeds your day trading buying power. This is true even if you have regT buying power available. You can have Alpaca switch this check to be on exit. This would assume trades are all normal regT trades but then block your exit if it causes you to exceed your day trade buying power. However, this could potentially leave you with a position you cannot close at the end of the day.

currently i have buying power of 30000. i switched to “block on exit” still getting an error. I think its inaccurately applying the pattern day trading protection.

I personally haven’t experienced any issues with how the pattern day trading protections are applied and find it’s typically a misunderstanding of those protections. Are you still interested in troubleshooting what it is you are experiencing? If you can, check your buying powers. I find the account API ( very helpful for troubleshooting. This returns a lot of information

The buying powers are highlighted. Other information that can be used for troubleshooting are the multiplier, daytrade_count, and pattern_day_trader fields.

You may want to look there to better understand what may be going on.

looks like my account value went below 25k and prevented me to make trades. Still seems like a glitch since i have not made any day trades in months. but now that my account is avobe 25k i can make trades.

If a trader has been designated a Pattern Day Trader (PTD) and their account balance drops below $25k, they will be prevented from opening any new positions for 90 days or until their balance goes above $25k. This is a FINRA rule and is imposed by all US brokerages.

So, yes you may not have made any trades for months but you would have been blocked for 90 days or about three months. That may have been the issue.

Is there a way to reset your account after being flagged as PDT? I was flagged back in early August (over 90 days) but my account still will not let me enter a position.