Paper account - trade denied due to pattern day trading protection


I am getting ‘trade denied due to pattern day trading protection’ after making a paper account order.
The account is set to $100,000 so I am not sure why this is happening.

@abdelali_nouina The error messages can be a bit misleading at times. Are you exceeding your buying power? What is the current buying power and what order are you trying to place.

Thanks for replying @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca

I just set the account to $1,000,000 and the buying power is $2,000,000.

My script selects the trades for me based on some metrics.

They are $1000 max

I start getting these messages after the script makes a total of 3 trades

@abdelali_nouina What is the account number. I can check a few things.


It’s 34706BD1


Hmm. It should be a 12 digit number starting with PA. It’s in the upper left corner of the dashboard

That is the account number I got from the old UI.
The new UI does not seem to load the account number

Same here.
First it was ‘trade denied due to pattern day trading protection’.
Then I reset the paper account and now it is a ‘403’ from liquidate position on the dashboard.
Software sends close and sell orders but they never show up on the order page on the dashboard.
Paper account: PA3Z27IERX9F

Very sorry about this. It appears a code change was made recently which didn’t set the initial state of reset accounts properly. It may resolve itself after 1 trading day (when the account defaults get set with actual values) but the engineering team is looking how to fix it. Apologies.

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Sounds good
Thank you for looking into this

Thank you, @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca

Good morning.

Just an FYI.

The issue still not resolved

The issue is still not resolved… I am a little concerned about a case like this happening on a real account, that would be not good.

@Amine_Boulaajaj The issue should be resolved now. You may need to reset your account. Post back if you are still having issues with orders being blocked due to day trading protections.

This problem was entirely a paper trading issue and didn’t impact live accounts. The problem also only impacted new, or recently reset, paper accounts. Paper accounts were not being initialized properly after some recent code changes. The equity value which is used to determine day trading ability was being incorrectly initialized to $0 rather than the account’s actual equity. This caused the day trade protection rules to block day trades (thinking the equity was $0).

Apologies for the confusion and delays this may have caused.