PDT for Paper Trading Account


I have a paper trading account with 100K in equity. I testing a strategy by writing a program and when I execute about 10-12 bracket orders via API, it returns the following error:

“code”: 40310000,
“message”: “trade denied due to pattern day trading protection”

I understand that one needs to have 25K in the account to comply with Pattern Day Trader (PDT) protection, but I have 100K in my paper trading account with 400K buying power and still getting flagged. Can someone please help?


Same question for me. Why can’t I simulate being a Day Trader on Alpaca with 100k.

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Same here. Will try generating a new set of keys for now. Strategy testing on paper should ignore PDT by default, it appears not to.

Resetting didn’t fit it. Did either of you guys get a workaround? Can’t fake trade at all with it like this. Makes no sense.

Mine’s working now, I only ran into this issue when doing some liquidates on the dashboard, extended portfolio view.
From my Python API seems to be letting me be a day trader now.