Trade denied due to pattern day trading protection -cannot sell


I wonder if someone could advise on a test account when i try and sell a stock i get
“trade denied due to pattern day trading protection”

I have searched the forum and site for help links but the links no longer work.

Could someone advise the best help link for this?

Yeah it’s some stupid rule due to American law. For whatever reason, you are not allowed to do more than 3 day trades a week (buying and then selling that same stock within a single day) unless you are rich and able to have at least 25k in your account at all times. If you spend that money to buy a stock, then you wont have the 25k in your account and won’t be able to daytrade anymore. You should either switch to crypto or store 25k in your account.
More information here:

I was also doing some testing with crypto trading in my paper account last night & this morning and was limited in trading due to pattern day trading protection. I was under the impression that PDT wasn’t an issue with crypto. Is this not the case?