Erro: pattern_day_trader': False still errors trade denied due to pattern day trading protection

I bought 130 AMD today and want to sell them today . But I get ‘trade denied due to pattern day trading protection’
In my live account pattern_day_trader’: False .

How much equity is in the account? If it’s under $25k then one cannot buy and sell a stock in the same day (ie day trade). Both paper and live impose this restriction. Could that be the issue?

The Pattern Day Trader flag (PDT) flag is True after you have made 4 or more day trades in a 5 day period. That flags the account as ‘reasonably expected to be a day trader’. So, a True PTD setting, if ones account is under $25k, will bar the account from trading (because its believed you will be day trading which you cannot do since the account doesn’t have enough equity). You don’t want that if the account equity is under $25k. You want PDT False.

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Thanks Dan . Yes it is <25 K . So what are my options

  1. Deposit more fund to make iy 25 k
  2. Wait untill next day ?

Are above correct??

It’s a FINRA regulation that all US brokers must follow (not just Alpaca) to restrict accounts with under $25,000 in equity from day trading. An account is actually allowed 3 day trades in any 5 trading day period, but the intent is to not day trade. There is information on that regulation on the FINRA site. So, yes one option is to deposit more funds to get above that limit.

However, you can always buy one day and sell the next day. That isn’t a problem. In fact, you can sell long first and then buy long the same day. Just no buy-then-sell. So, yes you can wait until the next day to sell without restrictions.

Thanks for the tip ( no buy then sell) :smile: Helpful !!

Help please reset acount PDT hit today. asap.

I just want to seel my damn position before I lose out

Please allow me to sell my postion. I have 25 in the account, there was No warning. This needs to be done asap.

@petitoj could you send your account id and email to, we will look into your account.