Beta Crypto - cant trade

I followed the directions to enable crypto (beta though it may be) trading

using the python v2 interface, unable to complete purchases of symbol (like BTCUSD)

Similarly not working from web interface. While the account setting page is showing crypto as enabled, it is showing me as having 0 crypto buying power when I manually try to purchase a crypto symbol. At least I get the crypto logo popping up for that symbol

I am doing this with paper trading - trying to get it rolling there first ( of course ). Crypto instructions seemed to indicate paper trading would be just fine. Plenty of paper ‘cash’

Any help?

There is an issue regarding settled cash in paper trading currently. It should be resolved in a day or two

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Thanks Kurtis. Would be great to get this rolling.

Hey @jentzd - can you please try resetting your account, that should solve the issue.

Keep us posted if that does the trick.

good news to report. I was able to make a manual crypto symbol purchase via the website on paper trading without issue.

Additionally, my python v2 algo was able to make trades. I have a bit more work to do adjusting the qty (number of decimal pts) to scale depending on the symbol…but the ball is back in my court. (it would be nice if alpaca could do the rounding for me, but I also understand why not, too)

Thanks much! Off to the races.


Thanks @jentzd for the feedback - we’re eager to advance the paper trading environment and would be great to hear your thoughts. If you’re available for a call, please book a slot Calendly - Abel Sohajda