Insufficient non-marginable buying power

Hello. I’m attempting to trade crypto but I receive the Order rejected error message. Upon looking at my account I have at most 69% of my available funds used. Going through the docs I can’t see any reason why there may be a hold on crypto purchases but know that I may have missed something.

Could someone please let me know if there is in fact holds placed on funds that I’ve been unable to find? Thank you.

My non-marginable buying power is zero at the moment too (which is what I use to trade crypto) despite showing a cash balance. I think they’re having an issue at the moment as the number earlier this week was also incorrect for me.

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Thank you @vagrand!, this is hoping to hear. Hopefully its fixed soon! :smiling_face:

Did this ever work for you @shilpa? I’m still having issues but can’t tell if it’s me or alpaca? Thanks

Hi @vagrand. Actually I still can’t trade but what I’m thinking might be happening is, before the end of Friday trading day I exited some stock positions which in turn gave me the “cash” balance. I’m not totally sure but maybe those are considered unsettled funds and even though it shows a cash position, its possible I’m unable to trade with those funds in stocks or crypto. I could be wrong but at this time this is the only thing I can think of why I might not be able to trade. :woman_shrugging:

I think you’re onto something. It’s strange as a lot of my funds are being locked from trading due to crypto trades actually, which according to their docs, should’ve settled at 11pm and been available to me today. Thanks for the reply.

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After further inspecting this issue, I don’t believe this has to do with unsettled funds as I’ve been able to trade a small amount of my total balance on crypto and once I sell I can no longer sell with that same amount. It is something else which I’ve been unable to figure out; would it be possible for someone from Alpaca to jump in to the conversation and help us figure out this issue, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:.

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