Automated trading in this platform

Hi, i want to know how i can create an automated script and run to execute my trades

start by looking in to Automated trading, Then give us more spific questions related to alpaca

Ok, here is the specific situation that i want to code

Lets say an underlying asset’s stock price is 10. I have bought 2 options say (CALL option strike price 11 for 1.10 premium) and (PUT option strike price 9 for 0.90 premium) So my total cost is 2.00
I want to sell both options when the SUM of both the CALL and PUT options is 3.00 , meaning the stock price can go up making the CALL option 11 price > 1.10 and simultaneously then PUT option 9 price < $ 0.90 or vice versa
So, how do I code this Do you have something like coding wizard that exists in thinkscript thinkorswim ?