Anyone else missing dividend payouts?

Is anyone else missing Dividend payouts? I was looking at my Dividend payouts under account activities. I noticed a couple stocks didn’t pay out in January. I will use GLAD in this example.

I checked yahoo finance and pulled data from polygon for GLAD. They both show there should have been a payout received in January:

Pulled from Polygon:
{‘status’: ‘OK’, ‘count’: 216, ‘results’: [
{‘ticker’: ‘GLAD’, ‘exDate’: ‘2021-02-16’, ‘paymentDate’: ‘2021-02-26’, ‘recordDate’: ‘2021-02-17’, ‘amount’: 0.065},
{‘ticker’: ‘GLAD’, ‘exDate’: ‘2021-01-21’, ‘paymentDate’: ‘2021-01-29’, ‘recordDate’: ‘2021-01-22’, ‘amount’: 0.065},
{‘ticker’: ‘GLAD’, ‘exDate’: ‘2020-12-22’, ‘paymentDate’: ‘2020-12-31’, ‘recordDate’: ‘2020-12-23’, ‘amount’: 0.065}

When I look at my account, the last one I see is in December 2020:

{‘id’: ‘XXX’, ‘activity_type’: ‘DIV’, ‘date’: ‘2020-12-31’, ‘net_amount’: ‘XXX’, ‘description’: ‘DIV:GLAD(0.065000/sh) Reorg XXX’, ‘symbol’: ‘GLAD’, ‘qty’: ‘XXX’, ‘per_share_amount’: ‘0.065’}
{‘id’: 'XXX ‘activity_type’: ‘DIV’, ‘date’: ‘2020-11-30’, ‘net_amount’: ‘XXX’, ‘description’: ‘DIV:GLAD(0.065000/sh) Reorg XXX0’, ‘symbol’: ‘GLAD’, ‘qty’: ‘XXX’, ‘per_share_amount’: ‘0.065’}
{‘id’: ‘XXX’, ‘activity_type’: ‘DIV’, ‘date’: ‘2020-10-30’, ‘net_amount’: ‘XXX’, ‘description’: ‘DIV:GLAD(0.065000/sh) Reorg XXX’, ‘symbol’: ‘GLAD’, ‘qty’: ‘XXX’, ‘per_share_amount’: ‘0.065’}

I am going to write some code to go through ALL of my payments and see what others I am missing. I advise you to do the same.

Yes, I believe my account (opened Dec 1, 2020) is missing some dividends. Very difficult to audit this, as I am told (by Alpaca support) that the listing in Account > Activities > Dividends can be badly out of sync with reality, and that I should use statements instead (issued only monthly, in hard-to-parse PDF format).

My experience was not that I was missing the payment for some shares, but the entire payment for a ticker. That is easy enough to script.

But I agree the total for each payment was a bit more complex. I found it easiest to use numpy w/ pandas to make a dataframe that had an entry for the shares per date and the amount I should have received. Then I compared the polygon data to that.