Record of paid dividends


Where can I find records of dividends credited to my account? I know some should have paid on July 24 (at least they did at other brokerage), but no record here. I’m not even sure if they paid or no.

Even better, is there a way to get a list of upcoming dividend once record date is passed?


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Hi @ludetc, currently you can view dividends through the monthly statements provided on the Alpaca dashboard. In the future, we are planning to incorporate dividend details through api. We’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for that, however - could you please describe the steps to reach either the dashboard or the monthly statements?
I go to
I don’t know if the main entry page is the so called “dashboard” (it doesn’t refer to it as such), however, I don’t see any monthly statement there.
If I go to “accounts” following the links on the left panel, then it will show me a table with a list of “document type” = “trade confirmation” and each link is a zip file.
Right now, I cannot tell what dividends did or did not pay.
API or via App would be fine.


Hey @ludetc, apologies for the confusion. What I mean by “dashboard” is

To access statements, visit the account tab -
All your statements and confirms will be listed below your account information.