Polygon Data is a year old

Some polygon data is old, like dividends.
result = api.polygon.dividends(‘T’)

returns a most recent value from 9/29/2018.

Where is a good place to get current information via Python code about dividends, earnings, and news?

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I do see what you are saying for some of the dividend data being out of date. I performed query for GAIN Dividend data. The results ended in June of this year. However, when I queried for news data, it seemed to be up to date.

There are other resources out there. However, unless you are going to screen scrape some sites for the data, you will have to pay for most of the resources.

The cheapest I have seen thus far is IEX. An individual annual account will run you about $108 USD. Maybe other individuals have found cheaper feeds, which I would love to hear.

With that being said, depending on the data you are looking for, you could try the “streaming data” end points. I personally have not tried those yet and I am not sure the full amount of data they provide yet.

This was probably not the answer you were looking for, but it is the best I can provide at this time.

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