We are losing polygon data!? ;/

Are we really losing polygon data! :frowning:

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Looks like it based on the email I received from Alpaca. So now we’ll have to rework our code to make the switch over. Also looks like if you want more then 30 symbols in your websocket stream , will have to pay $49/month.

I’m just now investigating what the differences are going to be.

Not very nice giving us just 6 days to implement the change.

Also will have to look at relocating my server. I currently have it in the same datacenter as polygon in Secacus so was under 2ms away for my data feed. Need to understand where new feed is coming from to minimize my input timing

Why not just hold on to polygon data and pay the premium?

Alpaca is a start-up and should be focused on innovating where it has value and out-sourcing the rest. I’d be surprised if market data platforming is more ripe for innovation than the order-entry space that Alpaca has been currently up-ending. Seems like there’s still a lot of low-hanging fruit when it comes to order-entry & brokerage operations.

Considering this and the one-week heads up, it’s likely this decision is coming from Polygon. I’d be interested in know more.

I would consider , but at $200/month, not until my algos have proven themselves

can someone link the information on this? I’d be happy to pay $49 a month for polygon, it’s normally $200.

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The $49 / mo seems to be for Alpaca Pro plan. The info was in an email.

The email also says that there is a 100% off coupon (ALPACA) for March to Polygon to soften the blow and enable a transition.

What’s even worse, the old data source no longer works (at least the API command get_barset fails) and the new source is not yet available. Has the new API been deployed? Are there docs for it? I didn’t see any. So we won’t be able to trade next week?

From the email:

As of Feb 26, 2021 after market hours, you will no longer be able to use your current Polygon.io data feed via your Alpaca API key. However, Polygon.io will provide a 100% discount coupon for March to our users who are using Polygon.io data. You need to take action immediately to ensure you retain your access and will need to create an account on Polygon.io’ website.

Please use coupon code ALPACA during checkout on Polygon.io to claim your free month.

After your free month, you will be charged the regular price for Polygon.io. For the pricing details, please visit https://polygon.io/pricing.

We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible, therefore we will be sharing more information with you about the new features in the upcoming week along with tutorials and documentation.

They’re giving us a month of free Polygon usage, so there’s no reason you can’t continue trading. In the coming week they will give us more info about the new features.

The Alpaca api won’t support Polygon that means we need change our code to support data feed from Polygon directly? That seems like a lot of rework

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This is very disappointing news. I had such high hopes for Alpaca. This just adds to a growing list of disappointments.

  • Missing Tax Forms
  • Missing Dividend Payments
  • Forcing margins.
  • Losing Polygon.io data

Etrade is not entirely free. You need to read the fine print. multiple trades in a day and over 30 trades a quarter and you start incurring fees.

However, TD Ameritrade has gone to Zero Commission and they have an API. I am going to start looking at that. I heard the API is difficult so we will see.