Recent dividends are not updated in activities


I am expecting some dividends on 15th Oct, 2021 (I double checked my positions). But my recent activities API calls doesn’t contain any dividends information after 13th Oct, 2021.

Anybody else facing this issue?
If anybody faced this issue and solved this earlier, could you please help me how can I solve this?

Thanks in advance.

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Is this a paper position or an actual live position?

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It is live position.

Today when I pulled latest activities, I see dividends that I am expecting (on 15th Oct, 2021) dated: 18th Oct, 2021.

I can say now I see the dividends.

One thing missing is: “qty” property is missing for the dividends posted on 18th Oct, 2021 in the API response. I see all other entries.

  • per_share, net_amount, symbol etc.

“qty” value is available for all dividend recrods earlier to 18th Oct, 2021.