Anaconda availablity


I have developed whole lot Python Code using installation done using Anaconda, and I notice that “alpaca_trade_api” is not available on conda. Please consider making “alpaca_trade_api” available on anaconda platform, so that it can be installed by “conda install alpaca_trade_api”.

At present I am running programs with “alpaca_trade_api” using a different “environment” of Python, but switching the environments is not desirable.

~ Salil

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How about this as an alternative.

  1. Activate your conda environment : source activate myenv
  2. conda install pip
  3. pip install alpaca_trade_api


Perhaps you missed the part in my post above, where I indicated that I’m using different “environment” of Python. Therefore what you’ve proposed as an alternative is not reeally an alternative. I’m using this approach already.

In short - there is no alternative to the feature I’m requesting. It will be useful if Alpaca makes the alpaca_trade_api available on Anaconda platform.

~ Salil