Getting Started With Colab Errors


Trying to follow along here: Analyze Data and Trade Stocks Through Your Browser Using Google Colab and Alpaca API

Anyone else experiencing (or more importantly, overcome) this error:



First i gotta ask why that username

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Did you open the notebook in python3? It’s possible there is no supported version for python2

Hey Hitoshi, thanks for the reply. Yes, exactly as described in the article linked above

Strangely enough, !pip install alpaca-trade-api works which I had success with in a local shell…maybe there is just an error in that article…i’ve seen a couple other references to syntax errors in the documentation in other places on the forum

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Also of note to anyone starting out, the documentation says:


however, there should be no trailing slash and it should instead look like this


Are you using ur real name like me, Elon?

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Ah good catch! I’ll fix it

From within colaboratory new Python3 notebook >!pip install alpaca-trade-python, I get the following error.
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement alpaca-trade-python (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for alpaca-trade-python

I have read all of the posts and still do not know what to do.
Will Alpaca work on colabs?
Have you actually succeeded in using !pip i"install alpaca-trade-python" from within colabs?
Thanks for your help.

Could you try

!pip install alpaca-trade-api

You seem to have “alpaca-trade-python”

Thanks twice,

  1. For your prompt reply.

  2. For resolving the problem.

PS Alpaca, colab and Python together look like the solution I have been dreaming of for many years.


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Very glad to hear that! Thanks for trying it and let us know what we can improve in your use case.