Alpaca-py 0.5.4 to 0.6.0 migration release notes

Migrating from the new alpaca-py api version 0.5.4 to version 0.6.0 broke a lot of code, especially in the Trading and Historical apis.

Users invest time - and eventually risk money! - using Alpaca’s apis and converting from one version to the next should be made painless. Therefore I think it would not be too much to ask for good documentation.

For that reason, it would be very helpful if the maintainers could provide comprehensive release notes to accompany each version change. Are there release notes available somewhere? (Beyond various scattered remarks on github.)

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@arctodus Sorry to learn your having issues with the latest release. We are investigating.

Do you have a specific example you can share so we can locate the issue quicker and perhaps help you out?

Meantime, we do have some small release notes (v0.6.0) you can refer to for specific changes:

Thank you for your response. To clarify, I’m not asking you for coding help, I’m asking you for proper documentation when something changes. A thrown exception shouldn’t be the first notification developers get when your code-base changes.

But since you’re asking for specific examples, let me point to the status field in the GetOrdersRequest that has changed from a data type OrderStatus in 0.5.4 to QueryOrderStatus in 0.6.0, and the handling of start and end parameters in the StockBarsRequest.

Those are just a few of many such instances and you’ll find many more if you put 0.6.0 through the motions. The end users of an API should not be the first to notice such things, they should be caught in testing before the new version is released. That in itself points to the core of this concern.

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