Improve documentation and examples

Most of the documentation is misleading at best. The videos shown as examples, don’t work. They use the retired polygon api. Most of the API documentation is REST related, but doesn’t map to the python api in any obvious way. Simply getting historical bars for a new person, is challenging and there are about 0 useful examples that don’t create more confusion. Mostly because this are out of date it looks like between polygon, V1 and V2 and recommending basically people use the API instead of REST call which has no documentation or is also out of date. Best case… maybe pay part time larry to make some updated videos using the python API.

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Hey @browe - thanks for your feedback on this.

We are working hard on an overhaul of our documentation, including the example videos and tutorials. Our goal is to improve the developer experience across the board, from documentation to general support – please let me know if there’s anything else you would like to see to improve your Alpaca experience!


Support Manager