Keeping up with Change Inside Alpaca's Documentation

Alpaca’s documentation was previously more user-friendly. However, the transition from the v1 API to the v2 API and the switch from alpaca-trade-api-python to alpacahq/alpaca-py led to the creation of a new, less comprehensive set of documentation with an apparent emphasis on crypto. Links labeled “trading api docs” on the website incorrectly redirect to a 404 Not Found page instead of the intended About Trading API page. The old Python SDK offered numerous examples on GitHub, whereas the new, more complex SDK provides only a single example for a beta product, limiting access for most users. Its problematic that there are repeat questions in the forums that could have easily accessible answers within the documentation. Incorporating documentation governance into change processes could ensure all documentation is concurrently updated with changes, maintaining Alpaca’s reputation for efficiency. That reputation was inherent within the “api first” mindset. The current state suggests a pace of change that risks operational integrity, erodes customers faith in the company, drives away potential customers, and potentially leading to significant time and financial losses for employees and customers.

Edit: I’ll add more examples as I find them.

A typo on the landing page

The market data page returns empty when accessing it from [Getting Started] (](Getting Started)


You raised a lot of valid points. Hope that Alpaca team will listen.
There’s another point that I’ll raise which is the absence of Demo Colab Notebooks

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