When Alpaca forgot what brough customers to them

Hope that this message will reach Alpaca marketing team.
I opened my account in Alpaca because they offered my the prove of having simple Python SDK in the form of Colab notebook.
It was just a matter of minutes to test everything in paper trading.
It was amazing. I believe that Alpaca attracted a lot of customers because they promoted themselves as one of the easiest trading solutions through APIs.
Have a look to YouTube where you can find many videos demonstrate all actions that you can do with Alpaca API.

After migrating to Py (new API that supports options), no Colab notebooks are released.
No list of available Notebooks (as before on top right after login) to attract new customers.

We are really suffering from your new SDK but we understand the value of what you are doing.
On the other side, demo your API functionalities through Colab notebooks before for all use cases. (Stocks, Options & Crypto).

I just found this notebook for options:

What about new SDK for stock (prices, quotes, trades, portfolio, …)
Hope to listen to your customers and offer a single page with list of notebooks. All of them in one page like a library.

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