Alpaca console visible tags for different positions

Would be great to be able to create and manage a collection of visible tags that you could then apply to each position, making it easier to remember what algo strategy is responsible for which positions. This would be applied by the user at time of placing the trade via the API and the visible tag would show up on the positions page / main console page.

  • Buy and hold strategy gets a green tag called “Buy and Hold” Maybe this applies to some broad ETF like “SPY”
  • High-frequency-trading positions get a red tag called “HFT”.

Here’s a good example of another company integrating something similar, albeit not for trading: atSpoke API Reference

Yep, I’d like the same feature. Tradier also has this.

Absent this feature you have to track trades somewhere else, which gets a little tricky if use limit orders that may not fill by EOD.

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Bumping this thread. Anyone from alpaca care to comment?

As a first step simply adding a string “tag” field to the place order / get order calls would be helpful. UI display could be done later.

Anyone running multiple trading systems would benefit from this, as it makes it much easier to match orders to the system that placed them.


if it’s helpful to anyone else, I’m currently monitoring different strategies via keeping one watchlist for each strategy. if a watchlist has a symbol that is in position, I consider that strategy active in whatever reporting that follows. not as good as tags but sufficient for now