Watchlist, Dividends & Transfers API, and Dashboard Updates

New features to enhance your trading experience at Alpaca

Photo by Lauren Mancke

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New Features

Watchlist API & Dashboard Watchlist

You can now use our watchlist feature through API and on our dashboard. Our API watchlist feature allows you to create, manage, and use multiple watchlists. This API can be used to build your own trading dashboard or to help you keep track and stay updated on stocks you are interested in. You can also use watchlists as a way to control the stocks you are trading without changing your code. Read the documentation here for more details.

Sample Watchlist entity

Our dashboard Watchlist currently only supports one watchlist, which is called the “Primary Watchlist”. This watchlist is created the first time you use the Alpaca dashboard. It is editable both by API and directly on the dashboard. To add or remove symbols, click the Edit button on the top right corner of the widget.

Sample Dashboard Watchlist in action

Account Activities API

You can now get information about various transaction activities (including dividends and bank transfers) that have impacted your account through the Account Activities API.

The API could be useful when you are analyzing your trading performance or keep track of dividends and bank transfers.

This API returns account activity entries which are split into two types: Trade Activity and Non-Trade Activity.

Sample of a Trade Account Activity entity

Sample of a Non-Trade Account Activity entity

With this API, you can retrieve all activities or retrieve activities of one specific type, giving you the flexibility to filter on the information. See all the activity types in our documentation.

Stock Search + Stock Pages

In addition to API features, we are also building up several dashboard features. Our first iteration of the stock search and individual stock pages are available for use. You can use the search bar to search and access individual stock pages.

Closing Positions and Canceling Orders on Dashboard

You can now close positions and cancel orders on dashboard by clicking the icon beside the position or order. These actions will require a confirmation to go through.

Sample Portfolio panel

Sample Order History panel

Sample confirmation message

In addition to these changes, the dashboard positions and orders sections will update in near realtime.

Manual Trading

Manual trading could be useful for a variety of reasons and can complement automated trading strategies. We have released our first version of a manual trading widget, which will include stop and stop limit orders in the next iteration.

Want to help us decide what to build next? Please participate in our ongoing product survey!

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