New Dashboard only shows 10 holdings alphabetically

The Alpaca UI looks updated. The overview page no longer shows all holdings.

The UI only shows the first 10 positions alphabetically, however it used to show all of them.

Showing all positions would be beneficial to review the portfolio at a glance.Please add this view back into the new UI if possible. Thanks!

Hi Vincent! Thanks for the feedback. I will relay that back to the team. Besides the positions table, what is your feedback on the new design?

Hi Mahmoud,

The new design is great, there are a few things that could be added:

-A daily percent price change column for all securities in the portfolio, this was present before
-The total percent gain/loss for the portfolio graph should discount transfers
-Stock symbol names on UI no longer link to the stock’s information page


Hi Vincent! We pushed some changes related to the above

  1. symbol on positions and orders from overview now link to asset page
  2. orders and positions (up to 100) now show up on overview

we are working on the rest - no ETA as of now

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Hi Mahmoud,

Previously the daily % gain for each symbol was shown on the dashboard page. I hope that can be added back as well. Thank you.

Where is the button “cancel open orders” in the new dashboard view of orders?
You should at least keep the old functions when adding a new UI.

Thank you,