Can I see history of positions

I have liquidated one of my positions, and now is gone from the Dashboard.
Isnt there a way to view portfolio including past orders?

@cksrc Past orders can be viewed in the dashboard by selecting Accounts -> Orders as shown below. Only the current portfolio holdings show up in the Portfolio view.

Thank you Dan, in my case, I had an order that was canceled, and the position was liquidated from dashboard. The symbol was IFF, and I can no longer see it anywhere.

By the way, I tried to switch to old UI and still nothing and now I cannot see the option to go back :sweat_smile:

I found out how to switch back to the “new” UI from the top right menu under your username.
However, it is still very worrying that there is no simple way to see the performance of your trading history together with your current live value.

Some things in Alpaca are so obviously missing that make me wonder about the priorities and vision of the company…


If you are interested to see your historical positions, check out the Feather Finance third party portfolio management app (look it up under Alpaca Connect).

It has historical positions and more.