Feature Request: Descriptive page titles and favicons

It’s a small thing, but I wanted to share a thing that’s been a point of friction for me.

When looking at several tabs, it can be difficult to differentiate what page a tab represents at a glance. This is particularly true when you have quite a few tabs open or if you have a tab for trading, forums, and API docs.

Different Icons to represent the marketing site(Alpaca.markets), live trading, paper trading, documentation, and forums would help.

Additionally when on trading pages, displaying the stock symbol in the title would be very helpful when several of the pages are open.

It would be helpful to have separate icons for the following:

  • Marketing Site (Alpaca Home)
  • Trading Site (Live trading - The normal icon is totally cool)
  • Trading Site (Paper trading would be nice to differentiate)
  • Documentation sites
  • Community Forums

I don’t know if alpacas wear hats, but I wouldn’t be mad if they had little hats to differentiate sites or greyscale to indicate paper trading.

In terms of titles:
Trading Site

  • Most pages related to the account already have descriptive titles. However stocks are missing descriptive titles.
  • On stock pages: Instead of “Alpaca | Algo Trading Commission Free with REST API” on a stock page, something descriptive like “GT - Overview | Alpaca” would be more useful.

Thanks to the team for building such a great product!