Please add LIFO

My preferred trading strategy requires the capability to specify LIFO cost basis for trades. Until Alpaca adds that capability, I probably will not be using Alpaca to trade. I understand why you don’t currently offer it (Rome wasn’t built in a day). As soon as you can though, please add LIFO.


YES PLEASE… Or maybe the choice to pick which tax/ selling strategy would be great.

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+1 for this. I love what alpaca already offers and this would be another ideal feature (and tool) a lot of traders probably don’t even realize they could use for their benefit.

Hey @Joe1 and @Neo

We are aware of the interest. If there is not already an open issue for this feature request on the Alpaca API GitHub Repo please open one there as it is easier to track.

Thank you,
Jason from Alpaca

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Ok, thanks for the quick response! Here’s the new feature request:

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