Is Alpaca FIFO or LIFO?


I was wondering which share of stock alpaca decides to sell.

Ex: if I bought AAPL 3 days ago and 2 days ago, if I sell 1 share of AAPL today, which share would be sold?



For this particular question, could you please email The professional team will answer to you.

Yes thank you!

I have the same question, can you share the reply on the forum please.

Evan said “Our clearing broker uses average cost, as opposed to FIFO or LIFO, as the basis from which to determine your gain or loss amount.”

Its in the portfolio object when you buy the stock it shows avg_price, that is how I determine when the positions will be profitable.

That does not answer the question. Knowing from which lot shares were chosen to sell makes a difference in whether you are paying ordinary income tax or capital gains (short term).

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That’s not really clear… explain in detail please.