Account dashboard appears blank


Account dashboard appears blank. Happened after I reset my balance.

Paper or Live Tradng?

When you reset your paper-trading account it also resets the account number, API Key and API Secret Key. This is important to recognize when using the API. Ensure those are changed in your program(s) too. A similar thing can happen with the web portal. The browser may have cached some pages and therefore be using old account info including keys. Try clearing your browser cache or simply shutting the browser down and restarting. That isn’t typical but different browsers handle this differently.

Get back if you are still having problems. Good luck.

Thanks Dan.

I tried with a new browser, cleared cache, incognito.
The issue is still there.

I’m having the same exact problem, on my paper account, and new browser/clear cache/incognito didn’t help either.
Issue still there.

@gianpi Are you still having issues seeing your paper account? If so, could you do a network trace and see what call is hanging the bowser? In Chrome this is under View->Developer->Developer Tools. In the window that pops up click on the ‘Network’ tab. Here’s a screenshot of what it should look like

If it’s hung up, then one of the rows in the network request list will be highlighted. What request is it?

That would be a start to help troubleshoot.