Paper account is down



  • I can’t access the alpaca paper trading account, can anyone help?*

Paper or Live Trading?
The paper trading simulator.

What symptoms or errors are you seeing? What language are you using? Did you recently reset your paper trading account? If so, you will need to enter new API keys. This is a simple test in Python I use to connect. It should print your paper trading account info.

import alpaca_trade_api as alpacaapi

ALPACA_API_KEY_ID = 'xxxxxxxx'
ALPACA_API_SECRET_KEY = 'xxxxxxxxxxx'

api = alpacaapi.REST(ALPACA_API_KEY_ID, 
# Check that we have a connection by getting our account details.

The issue I’m facing is in the dashboard []. The only thing that I can see there is a blank screen, but when I switch to the live account everything works fine.