Withdrawal for CurrencyCloud is not working!

Hi, I’m testing the overall experience with the account before I will put some serious money here. When I click on CurrencyCloud withdrawal nothing happen except message “Transfer successfully initiated!”. I have used the CurrencyCloud for deposit obviously without issue, so expectation was the same for withdrawal.

@Alpaca team: could you answer that?


Could you please email support@alpaca.markets with your account number and they will be able to troubleshoot it. Regardless, you should have received an email about the initiation of the withdrawal on the email address linked to your Alpaca account.

The way withdrawals work with CurrencyCloud:

  1. Once your initiate a withdrawal we check whether you have enough balance or not to complete the withdrawal.
  2. We send the money via CurrencyCloud, which then gets sent to your bank account. Depending on your bank and country it may take up to 5-7 days because of SWIFT.

Please do follow up on this thread if you still have more questions and/or you did not receive an email confirming the withdrawal.