Why can I not accept the customer agreement?

It seems my account is giving me no data when I hover over the live trading button. I figured this could be because I am getting notified that there is a new customer agreement which I need to sign. However, when I click on the button you see in the image below, it takes me to my profile screen and gives me an option to download the customer agreement, but never an option to sign it?

What am I missing? How can I accept the agreement and get my account to work?


I have the same issue as well

Hello! You will need to finish onboarding. You can see from the top right that it says “Guest”, meaning that your account hasn’t been approved yet. Please contact Support if you are having trouble finishing your brokerage application.

Even if I have been using alpaca to trade for the last 3 weeks?

Thats weird. Could you please open a ticket with support@alpaca.markets?