Watchlist does not appear on Alpaca Web page

I am able to create a watchlist and add stock symbols to my watchlist successfully.
Through my C# code I am also able to retrieve my watchlist as expected, so creating and accessing is working 100% reliably. But when I goto my live account, I don’t see the watchlist, i always see blank watchlist and option to add stock symbol.

Any clue?


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I am not even seeing the Watchlist widget on my dashboard, but am able to POST(create) and GET my Watchlist. I think I clicked every link, any idea where it might be?

@mehtadharmesh, use the watchlist name Primary Watchlist. Try something like this snippet, which should add the symbol ‘AAPL’ to your browser’s watchlist:

t0 = 'AAPL'
wl = api.get_watchlist_by_name(watchlist_name='Primary Watchlist')
id = wl._raw['id']
wl = api.add_to_watchlist(watchlist_id=id, symbol=sym)

Looking at the url that the browser uses, the page doesn’t display all watchlists. Instead it calls an internal api url and uses the ‘get_watchilst_by_name’ function and passes an HTML value of Primary%20Watchlist.<account_id>/watchlists:by_name?name=Primary%20Watchlist

does it mean, I can’t have more than one watch list?
Watch list name is hardcoded to “Primary Watchlist”, user can’t give other name?

It doesn’t appear that the browser supports more than this single, hard-coded watch list named ‘Primary Watchlist’, unfortunately.

Even though I add stock symbols to the watchlist on the browser, I am not able to pull them from the v2 watchlist API…Any idea whats going on?

Hi MadTrader

What response do you receive when you submit a request to retrieve all watchlists?